Trucking Rates
Need Help Hauling Your Grain?

James Valley Grain can help!

JVG provides full service trucking with pickup available at your bin site or directly off the combine. Please call our office for details or Eric Larson (701-210-0410), to schedule pickup. 
Trucking Rates include a truck and pup and are based on miles traveled.


JVG Truck Rates

as of 6/20/22

MilesCents per Bu.
0-10 Miles  .15/Bu
11-15 Miles  .16/Bu
16-20 Miles  .17/Bu
21-25 Miles  .18/Bu
26-30 Miles  .21/Bu
31-40 Miles  .22/Bu
41-50 Miles  .23/Bu
51-60 Miles  .25/Bu
61-70 Miles  .27/Bu
71-80 Miles  .28/Bu
81-90 Miles  .29/Bu
91-100 Miles  .30/Bu


During harvest we prefer that there be a grain cart available to load our trucks. This will decrease load times and keep our trucks running to the best of thier ability to better serve our customers.