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James Valley Grain, LLC
P.O. Box 210               
600A South 7th Street
Oakes, ND 58474   
James Valley Grain, LLC
300 Dakota Ave
PO Box 17
Verona, ND  58490
Oakes Uptown Facility
322 Main Ave
Oakes, ND 58474
James Valley Grain
200 Elevator Ave
Berlin, ND 58415


Oakes Office  (701)742-5200   
Verona Office (701)432-5100  
Uptown (Wheat Facility) (701)742-5218  
Berlin (701)883-4100  
Company Cell Phone Numbers    
Eric Larson   (701)210-0410  
Jamie Mattson  (701)710-0367  
Tiffany Heier  (701)710-0387  
Kathy Wetzel  (701)210-2365   
JR John Roney  (701)710-0528   
Cole Hesby  (701)710-1407  

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