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agweek - The new Conservation Reserve Program Soil Health and Income Protection Program pilot is available to producers in Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. (full story)

agweek - Job reductions tied to less demand for equipment. (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comWASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency has announced a new pilot program that enables farmers in the Prairie Pothole region to receive payments for planting cover... (full story)

agweek - The new Conservation Reserve Program Soil Health and Income Protection Program pilot is available to producers in Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comThe U.S. pork industry has been in expansion mode since roughly 2014. Those efforts haven't seen all the desired success yet, but 2020 could bring better days, an industry leader... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comIf your family is like mine — and given statistics on the matter, I’m guessing it is — you’ve probably had someone fighting some sort of illness in the past... (full story)

agweek - Humans and animals sometimes need something to get over their bacteria. (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comLITCHFIELD, Minn. — FFA is about learning a rural and agricultural culture, and two “sister cities” in Minnesota and Alabama have taken that to an unusual level. For nearly five... (full story)

agweek - The FFA cultural/agricultural exchange has going on for 49 years with at least three generations of participants. (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comSIOUX FALLS, S.D. — It’s a fact not known by many people, but heart disease is the leading cause of death among women. “Heart disease is the number one... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comGRAND FORKS, N.D. — The U.S. potato industry likes to promote spuds as America's favorite vegetable. Now, industry leaders say their product is positioned for even greater popularity. "I have... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comGRAND FORKS, N.D. — David Kohl likes to tell about the time he watched a practice session in which assistant basketball coaches urged college players to concentrate on the fundamentals... (full story)

agweek - Sioux Falls Go Red for Women Event promotes lean beef's place in a heart-healthy diet. (full story)

agweek - Economist looks at succeeding in the 2020s (full story)

agweek - Officials optimistic despite 'tater haters' (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comFlexible, practical, simple, and something that makes money are words and comments made to describe the 2020 crop plan during our farm visits over the last couple months. (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comSince the first of the year, the grains seem to have been on a one-way ticket to the basement. December 2019 was a good month for the grains with most... (full story)

agweek - The Yellow Medicine County Sheriff's Office responded to the scene of a farm accident Friday evening. (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comAn FFA exchange program between two sister cities in Minnesota and Alabama is celebrating nearly 50 years of learning about ag and rural culture. (full story)

agweek - An FFA exchange program between two sister cities in Minnesota and Alabama is celebrating nearly 50 years of learning about ag and rural culture. (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comMeteorologist John Wheeler gives this week's agriweather forecast on AgweekTV. (full story)

agweek - Meteorologist John Wheeler gives this week's agriweather forecast on AgweekTV. (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comThis week on AgweekTV, Minnesota's new pork president discusses export hopes with the China phase one deal in effect. A unique FFA exchange links the north and the south. A... (full story)

agweek - AgweekTV for Feb. 22-23. (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comSummer fair season is a long way away. It is hard for us to think of county fairs in Minnesota when there is still snow on the ground and temperatures... (full story)

agweek - Planning, dedication and hatchlings are wonders to behold. (full story)

agweek - ST. PAUL -- Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz announced Friday, Feb. 21, that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has designated 11 more Minnesota counties as primary natural disaster areas in addition to those announced on Feb. 5. (full story)

agweek - Doctor Wilson Asfora claims Sanford Health fired him to push him into a settlement with federal prosecutors and to secure a massive merger with an Iowa health system. (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comSouth Dakota cattle producers recently wrapped up a successful social media promotional campaign. Michelle Rook visited with one of the featured families near South Shore about the goal of the... (full story)

agweek - Social media promotional campaign shows consumer appreciation. (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comA couple of weeks ago, the community of Aneta, N.D., graciously hosted a benefit for our son, Hunter, who sustained a serious spine injury. While my husband, Nathan, mingled with... (full story)

agweek - Ag teachers and FFA programs leave a lasting impact on all types of kids. (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comFARGO, N.D. — When Superior Grain was trying to decide what international markets to pursue, they had at least 40 countries to consider. So they used a unique trade research... (full story)

agweek - US Commercial Service's RAISE program provides market research, other services (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comMost consumers today are several generations from the farm and know little about where their food comes from. At the Northern Corn and Soybean Expo, Michelle Rook talked to a... (full story)

agweek - Michelle Rook talks to Minnesota's Millennial Farmer Zach Johnson about connecting with consumers. (full story)

agweek - OAKES, N.D. — A 25-year-old man is dead after police say he was involved in an accident at an Oakes farm on Wednesday, Feb. 19. (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comDuring the next few weeks, many farm operators will be finalizing their crop insurance decisions for the 2020 crop year. The deadline to purchase crop insurance for the 2020 crop... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comRAPID CITY, S.D. — A South Dakota man has been indicted in federal court on allegations that he was marketing conventional agricultural products as organic for at least five years... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comGRAND FORKS, N.D. — When Doug Wenzel puts on a seminar, he keeps efficiency in mind. The 90 minute programs on what Ag Concepts, for which Wenzel is a representative,... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comA vacant farmstead is one of the saddest sights in agriculture, and one that’s all too familiar to Upper Midwest agriculturalists. The generations-old trend of farm consolidation — farms... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comFollowing a $15 million award for compensatory damages Friday, a federal jury on Saturday awarded a Missouri peach farm $250 million in punitive damages in its dicamba drift case against... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comRICHARDTON, N.D. — Stone Mill LLC at Richardton, N.D., is famous for processing the region’s garbanzo bean and flax crops, but in the past 18 months the company also has... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comIn an article written by Mikkel Pates entitled, “ND AG issues cease-and-desist on widespread 'Irish Traveller' construction scams,” the journalist uses ethnicity not only to convict the accused but also... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comFARGO, N.D. — A North Dakota company is ramping up to become one of the state’s first processors of hemp for the cannabidiol, or CBD, market that has become increasingly... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comRAPID CITY, S.D. — Protect the Harvest, an advocacy group that opposes the radical animal rights movement, premiered a movie during the Black Hills Stock Show based on a North... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comIf you’ve spent time in rural areas of the Upper Midwest, you’ve seen more than a few vacant farmsteads. So you won’t be surprised by the findings of a new... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comNutritionists have long emphasized the importance of whole grains in a healthy diet. Now, a new analysis finds that school kids began eating more whole grains after a change in... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comWhen it comes to counting individual voters, there’s no way Rural America can compete with New York City and other urban centers. But every vote adds up and, as President... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comLee Briese, independent crop consultant with Centrol, and I have been talking a lot about helping farmers through a stressful time when everyone is overwhelmed. It’s tough to think about... (full story)

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