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prairiebusinessmagazine.comWhen it comes to counting individual voters, there’s no way Rural America can compete with New York City and other urban centers. But every vote adds up and, as President... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comLee Briese, independent crop consultant with Centrol, and I have been talking a lot about helping farmers through a stressful time when everyone is overwhelmed. It’s tough to think about... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comThe grains seemed to be in a waiting game last week as traders waited for news to help give them direction. The hope was that some clarity on the China/U.S.... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comMENAHGA, Minn. — A small Minnesota dairy is overcoming a tough time in the industry with a new product. Joel and Amanda Hendrickson of Hendrickson Dairy Farm at Menahga have... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comThis week on AgweekTV, we'll introduce you to a North Dakota CBD processor. A Minnesota dairy has a unique new product that they hope will help their operation grow and... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comMeteorologist John Wheeler gives this week's agriweather forecast on AgweekTV. (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comST. PAUL, Minn. — Thom Petersen, commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, said it was a jam-packed week leading up to the Minnesota State Legislature reconvening for session on... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comMINNEAPOLIS — The future of corn-based plastics is good news for the environment and for Minnesota corn growers, according to University of Minnesota Chemical Engineering and Materials Science professor Frank... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comIt was, as old-timers tend to say, the worst of a winter with belly deep snow and sub-zero cold. When the temperature climbed, snow fell, and thus we were caught... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comThe deadline to sign up for the 2019 and 2020 farm program is March 15 at local U.S. Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency offices. The initial farm program choice... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comIf you’ve read Gary Chapman’s best-selling, “The 5 Love Languages”, you know that between gifts and acts of service belongs an unwritten love language, food. I’ve been experiencing the food... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comDrain tiling is becoming more popular on farmland around the region because of the current wet cycle. Most systems use submersible pumps to move the water away from fields. But... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comJAMESTOWN, N.D. — The race is on to build North Dakota’s first soybean crush plant. The only question will be who gets it done. Gov. Doug Burgum was in meetings... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comFARGO, N.D. — Need to learn or brush up on the dos and don’ts for co-op directors? The Quentin Burdick Center for Cooperatives at North Dakota State University is hosting... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comDid you know that Valentine, Neb., is just one of a dozen U.S. cities that sport that name? And that there are a half-dozen towns simply named “Love”? If you... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comA recent article in Agweek suggested that the outrage over GMO foods versus the outrage over tractors is comparable. The big difference is that tractors are not edible. Most consumers... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comST. CLOUD, Minn. — Auctioneer Dennis Biliske was inducted into the Minnesota State Auctioneers Association Hall of Fame on Jan. 18. Criteria for the honor is based on honesty,... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comIf you spend much time on social media or watching television, you might think you can fend off novel coronavirus by avoiding meat. You might think you can save the... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comMark Wagner — the start of a new calving season upon him — said he’s “pushing the envelope as hard as I can.” Wagner, a rancher and farmer at Monango... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comFARGO, N.D. — Agri News on March 9 will combine with Agweek to create the region’s most experienced agriculture media provider in print, digital and broadcast. (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comJAMESTOWN, N.D. — In the summer of 2019, David and Kate Lyall traveled to North Dakota from Australia, bringing their BeeDar with them. They wanted to see if they could... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comRAPID CITY, S.D. — South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem declared the state is “open for business” with the announcement of a bill she is introducing to make changes to statewide... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comFARGO, N.D. — North Dakota State University's Frayne Olson said the markets trade fear before fact, which explains why the news of the spread of a new coronavirus in China... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comThe coronavirus is still front and center and a major concern in China, but progress is being made. If and when traders believe the coronavirus has peaked and has... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comFARGO, N.D. — The Little International, or "Little I," livestock show is coming up this weekend at North Dakota State University. But students don't have to be ag majors —or... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comThis week on AgweekTV, we'll look at some of the hot industry issues from the Northern Corn and Soybean Expo in Fargo, including coronavirus. The state of South Dakota and... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comMy heritage doesn’t include any Italian roots, but my Grandma Madeline enjoyed making fresh pasta for us growing up. She would start by scooping a generous heap of flour onto... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comMeteorologist John Wheeler gives this week's agriweather forecast on AgweekTV. (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comProjected profit margins for crop production in 2020 are likely to be at or below break-even levels for many producers. (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comOver the past six weeks, our family has experienced the power of community, online and offline, in ways we have never felt. I’ve learned we need both the snail mail... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comThe U.S. Department of Agriculture’s crystal ball is a little hazy on 2020 farm profitability. By one gauge, U.S. agriculture will make more money in 2020 than it did in... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comThe shelf is crowded with knickknacks that include two John Deere four-wheel drive tractors, a Ford tractor and a chrome-wheeled red pickup. A dozen caps – few of which have... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comPRESTON, Minn. — Minnesota agriculture is entering a period of transition. Without proper planning, land may not be transferred in a way that keeps the farm operational. Cue the Farm... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comROCHESTER, Minn. — The closing of the Kemps milk processing operation, plus the shuttering of related AMPI facility, means at least 200 people, many of them longtime employees, could be... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comWASHINGTON — From the outside looking in, it can appear that not much can get done in the current state of government. But Jake Joraanstad’s recent visit to the United... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comFARGO, N.D. — Weather, markets and tariffs are out of farmers’ control, but one thing they can control is their own negative thinking. “Envision a triangle of thoughts, feelings, actions,”... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comThese are challenging times in the U.S. dairy industry. But Molly Pelzer says the outlook is brightened by the dairy checkoff and Midwest Dairy. (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comWASHINGTON — Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue on Feb. 3, 2020, announced farmers will get the third and final Market Facilitation Program payment. According to a statement from the U.S. Department... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comJAMESTOWN, N.D. — About 300 people were nominated to serve on the Federal Communications Commission’s Precision ag task force, and Seth Arndorfer said it was “an honor” to be one... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comWhile impeachment was on the front page of most major dailies in January, President Donald Trump was doing his best to make news of a different kind. The U.S.-Japan trade... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comThe issue of farm size doesn’t draw much attention outside agricultural circles. It sure can generate heat among farmers, though. The merits of small farms vs. big farms — and... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comThough the 2018 Farm Bill doesn’t make major revisions to federal conservation programs and policies, it includes “subtle changes” that could limit interest in the widely used Conservation Reserve Program,... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comFARGO, N.D. -- Horseweed is becoming a bigger, localized weed threat in some areas of North Dakota, particularly where no-till farming techniques have become popular. The weed was one of... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comMOORHEAD, Minn. — As governments start weighing the odds of a 2020 spring flood on the Red River of the North, farmers and businesspeople are more worried about future floods... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comBYRON, Minn. — Underneath the rolling farmland in southeast Minnesota, there's a lot to be learned about soil conservation. If you're not afraid of getting stuck. Living and working... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comThe overall U.S. agricultural economy has slumped in recent years, but several key measurements show that current conditions are better in important ways than they were in the rocky ag... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comSIOUX FALLS, S.D. — Farmers are making plans for the 2020 crop season and after a disastrous year in 2019 they’re trying to remain optimistic. The attitude of farmers attending... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comIf you’ve been a fan of Agweek for awhile now, then you more than likely admire the work of Agweek’s publisher/general manager Katie Pinke. Through the years, Pinke has been... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comWe’ve had a couple weeks of Cafe Talks and there are more topics that really stand out that I want to bring to the larger group of Agweek readers. I... (full story)

prairiebusinessmagazine.comThe knee jerk reaction to the coronavirus outbreak continues to push the grains deep into oversold market condition. There is friendly fundamental news hitting the market, but the uncertainty on... (full story)

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